Job Chapter 38: the Visual Edition

Creation sings the glory of God, and that in itself is a glorious thing.

Just imagine – God is so magnificent, so utterly incomprehensibly wonderful,

that He, who can not be arrogant (it’s not in His nature),

was right and just in creating an entire universe to sing His own praise.

Just think about that for a moment!

It gets better.

That alone wasn’t enough for our God. Our God is bigger than that.

 Why? Because creation can’t not sing the glory of God; it’s simply made to.

We, on the other hand, can glorify God in a much greater way:



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2 responses to “Job Chapter 38: the Visual Edition

  1. Thank you, Trisha! This chapter of Job has always moved me. We have an awesome God! Hope your day is blessed. :D

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