God is infinitesimal.

It’s late at night and I should go to sleep, but I just read something in Jeremiah that jumped at me. So now you get to read about it, you lucky ducks!

Okay, being serious now.

Jeremiah 10:13
When he utters his voice, there is a tumult of waters in the heavens,
and he makes the mist rise from the ends of the earth.
He makes lightning for the rain,
and he brings forth the winds from his storehouses.

When this passage talks about God pushing wind out of his storehouses, I picture him opening the double doors on some great hangar, walking in behind his stash of wind, and  using both hands to push all of it out. Now, of course, he’s God, so it’s not like he has to push hard. But, you know, for the sake of the picture, it’s definitely a shove. He stretches the sinews in his upper arms and maybe groans just a little, expressing his strength. It’s awesome, in the literal sense of creating awe.

It’s just an image, of course. I know that in order for God to access his wind stash, he doesn’t have to open up his wind hangar. He doesn’t have to get a good angle on it by stepping behind it. He doesn’t have to push and he doesn’t have to groan and he doesn’t have to flick his arm in command and he doesn’t even have to speak. All he has to do is will it to be so, and the winds pour over the mountains.

And that makes him incomprehensibly big. Seriously. Can you really, genuinely imagine that? When he had to get into his wind hangar in my mind, he was huge. He was like this massive, titanic, colossal thing, and he took up the whole countryside and nothing had ever compared to his strength.

That kind of strength blows me away, but it doesn’t boggle my mind. Our god is infinitely bigger than that. So much bigger, we can’t even understand it. There is no picture for us to process that would make it clear. Imagine two of those titanic beasts.

Now three.
Now seven.
It’s getting hard to grasp, right? But God is infinitely bigger than that.

So we’ve established that God is huge. Just totally massive. Big enough to make your brain hurt, if you wrestle with it for too long.

Well, that makes me think of God as this huge Thing that’s too far away and too cosmic and too knowledgable for us to have any sort of relationship with. Maybe the same way an ant in an ant farm would conceptualize his owner, if he had the brainpower to do it.

God’s power isn’t limited to or defined by bigness. He has power over the wind that rushes through the trees, but doesn’t mean that his fingers are too big to fit into a human heart.

God is big, but He is also infinitesimal. God holds together the ridiculously tiny electrons and protons and neutrons that make up our atoms that make up our cells that make up our organs that make up our bodies. God is just as strong and just as effective in the world that’s so small we can’t see it as he is in the world that is so big we can’t see it. And he fits everywhere in between, too.

He is just the right size to hold a universe, just the right size to control the ocean, just the right size to break and heal a human heart, just the right size to make plankton, just the right size to hold a cell together.

He’s not just big. He’s perfect.



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  1. Oh, Bethany … honest to goodness, I didn’t understand that comment until after I’d approved it. I thought we were talking about a turkey! But glad you liked! Also, no chance anyone other than me and you gets this conversation. :D

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