A Prayer For My Son

Thank You, Father, for my son.

Thank You for entrusting Your cherished child to my care.
Thank You for his providential personhood,
his distinction from me.
Let me never consider him the work of my hands,
but only ever the child of Your choosing.

I have been foolish:
impatient, selfish, weak-minded,
considered my calling a low one,
deemed myself worth more than the life You bestow.
I repent; I crave Your forgiveness.
Teach me joy in service,
grace in discipline,
wisdom in teaching.

Pour Your word into me,
that it might overflow into him.
I yearn to model You,
to provide a mirror that my son cannot deny,
to open the door to You.

Woo his heart, my Father,
as you’ve wooed mine.
Raise up, in my son, a warrior.

This prayer is modeled (kinda sorta) on the prayers found in The Valley of Vision, which I mention (primarily) in order to have the context to say: Go get this book. It’ll be worth your time and money.



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2 responses to “A Prayer For My Son

  1. Tim

    Brittani–this is excellent. I love that this is your heart for your son; I look forward to seeing in the years to come how God will answer.

  2. Thanks, Tim! I look forward to it too. :)

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