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Cutting Myself Some (Unwanted) Slack

I’m sure you’ve heard the whole quantity v. quality question in use before. Well, here’s another example. Writers, and especially bloggers, face this question in the way they approach their work.

Here’s how it applies to me. Option A: write my blogs as they come to me and post them as I write them. Of course, then I have given myself a lot of freedom. With no disciplined schedule, there will likely be long stretches of time with no output (but lots of caffeine intake, most likely) and probably also the occasional short burst of brilliant, inspired work every single day (and lots of caffeine intake, most likely).

Option B (which has been working for me): write a blog every Monday. Every single Monday. Even if I’m fighting to scrap something together on Sunday at midnight or Monday at 7 a.m. (with, of course, lots of caffeine intake). Then the potential problem is that my work will drag. I’ll start thinking, “Just write something, Brittani. Get something out. It doesn’t have to be good. It just has to be out by Monday morning.”

You may have noticed, if you’re a regular reader, that I didn’t post anything yesterday. On Monday. Because I thought that sentence this last week. “It doesn’t have to be good.”


Okay, so quantity – or, more truthfully, consistency – is important to all writers, including myself. But I have discovered that I’m putting it ahead of quality. And the truth is that there is already a sufficient supply of drivel out there for you poor folk to wade through in order to find something worth reading. I have no desire to add to that pile of slum.

So, I hope that’s cool. I’m going to be working harder at writing things worth reading, and not so hard at writing plenty of things. With that in mind, the Monday schedule is out the window, at least for now. I have been trying to write a series, for your edification, on gay marriage in America. Hopefully, without the pressure of getting a blog out each week, I’ll have the brainpower to put it together. Maybe I’ll read a book instead of trying to write one. Or maybe not. Maybe I’ll write, too – I’m really enjoying my NaNovel, so maybe I’ll devote some energy to that, too. Maybe I’ll log some more hours trying to get a couple of my short stories in print.

Stay tuned, though, ’cause I’m not checking out! I’ll still be blogging, but this is my official announcement that I’m no longer holding myself to a weekly schedule. I will write a post when a good idea for one comes to me, and I’ll post them accordingly.

And thank you for reading. :)



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I Think They’re Putting Mind-Control Serum In Potato Chips

Noted an interesting phenomenon the other day. Thought you-all should know about it, in case you’re interested.

So I’ve written before about how I like to live and eat chartreuse. As far as eating, this means a few things – I try to avoid things like MSG and high fructose corn syrup, I avoid foods with a lot of packaging, especially plastic, and I try to eat local and organic as much as possible. Among other principles.

But this weekend was different. As I write this, it’s May 29, and we just had our son’s second birthday party. To save a little money, we barbecued and everything else we served was potluck style. (Except for my delicious homemade funfetti cake, of course. Great recipe here, and many thanks to Faith over at The Kitchn.)

This meant that there was a lot of food we wouldn’t normally eat, which we considered a minor one-day setback, one happily overlooked because of the price of feeding 21 people a full meal. We had about twenty-seven bags of potato chips, several packages of dip, lots and lots of soda, and several bags of store-bought cookies.

Well, no one took their goodies home, and while I’m not one to buy dinner at KFC, I’m also not one to waste a bucket of free chicken. Which means we’ve suspended many of our chartreuse principles, just until the smorgasbord has been whittled down a little.

The evening after the party, I had eaten almost nothing nutritious for nearly 48 hours. (With the exception of some Bob’s oatmeal. Although to be fair, I had marinated that in brown sugar.) We had traveled up the coast to an aquarium for Ean’s birthday, and on the car trip we’d consumed two meals and a couple snacks’ worth of food with no nutritional value. (Hey, those chips used to be vegetables, you know!)

I was not hungry at all. My stomach was practically distended. In the car with me, I had two bags of chips, several chocolate truffles, a bottle of water, a bottle of juice, and leftover ravioli. Here’s the phenomenon I mentioned earlier. Despite all that, I wanted to stop at the store and buy a pizza pocket!

I was also ravenous for a latte. Every kiosk we passed made me feel more depressed, because I knew how irrational I was being, and I wasn’t about to ask my husband to pull over and shell out more money for a cup full of calories I certainly didn’t need.

But, despite knowing better, I was incredibly frustrated. Nothing I had eaten all day had satisfied me, and I’d sampled aplenty. I didn’t feel full, although I knew I was. The day before, chips tasted salty and pleasant. After two full days of them, they tasted bland.

As I realized how unsatisfied I felt after gorging myself, I noticed a few other things. My skin was unusually greasy. I felt lethargic and groggy. My mood was in the tank.

And I wanted more of the junk that had made me feel that way …??!

So, I just thought I’d share that. Hopefully there are a few people out there who are on the fence about their eating habits, and I’d like to stand up on that fence and shout it:

They call it junk food for a reason!

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