Cutting Myself Some (Unwanted) Slack

I’m sure you’ve heard the whole quantity v. quality question in use before. Well, here’s another example. Writers, and especially bloggers, face this question in the way they approach their work.

Here’s how it applies to me. Option A: write my blogs as they come to me and post them as I write them. Of course, then I have given myself a lot of freedom. With no disciplined schedule, there will likely be long stretches of time with no output (but lots of caffeine intake, most likely) and probably also the occasional short burst of brilliant, inspired work every single day (and lots of caffeine intake, most likely).

Option B (which has been working for me): write a blog every Monday. Every single Monday. Even if I’m fighting to scrap something together on Sunday at midnight or Monday at 7 a.m. (with, of course, lots of caffeine intake). Then the potential problem is that my work will drag. I’ll start thinking, “Just write something, Brittani. Get something out. It doesn’t have to be good. It just has to be out by Monday morning.”

You may have noticed, if you’re a regular reader, that I didn’t post anything yesterday. On Monday. Because I thought that sentence this last week. “It doesn’t have to be good.”


Okay, so quantity – or, more truthfully, consistency – is important to all writers, including myself. But I have discovered that I’m putting it ahead of quality. And the truth is that there is already a sufficient supply of drivel out there for you poor folk to wade through in order to find something worth reading. I have no desire to add to that pile of slum.

So, I hope that’s cool. I’m going to be working harder at writing things worth reading, and not so hard at writing plenty of things. With that in mind, the Monday schedule is out the window, at least for now. I have been trying to write a series, for your edification, on gay marriage in America. Hopefully, without the pressure of getting a blog out each week, I’ll have the brainpower to put it together. Maybe I’ll read a book instead of trying to write one. Or maybe not. Maybe I’ll write, too – I’m really enjoying my NaNovel, so maybe I’ll devote some energy to that, too. Maybe I’ll log some more hours trying to get a couple of my short stories in print.

Stay tuned, though, ’cause I’m not checking out! I’ll still be blogging, but this is my official announcement that I’m no longer holding myself to a weekly schedule. I will write a post when a good idea for one comes to me, and I’ll post them accordingly.

And thank you for reading. :)



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2 responses to “Cutting Myself Some (Unwanted) Slack

  1. hi Brittani. This is Brian from Thank you so much for your kind words about our little site! We’re certainly very humbled by it. And it’s also nice to meet a fellow believer. :)

    Sorry for the comment, couldn’t find an email on the site. Hope you’re well. thanks again! Keep in touch.

  2. Wow, that comment made my day! :D Thank you for your awesome site and the personal touch, and God bless! :D

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