Hi! I’m Brittani.

I’m pretty crazy about Jesus.
I like to write.
I’m a twenty-something wife and mother.
I live on the coast in gorgeous Oregon. (Not Ore-gawn. Oregon. I don’t care who told you otherwise. I live here.)
I drink more coffee than a doctor would approve of.
My favorite animal is a capybara. One of these days I’ll have one as a pet. For real.

Here at My Fixed Heart, I like to muse about the Bible. I’m no theologian. Feel free to call me on anything bogus.
I write about my chartreuse adventures – it’s not quite the same as living green, but it does a lot of the same things.
Inevitably, I find myself considering and writing about motherhood and housewifery, since that’s what gets most of my time.
Oh, and if you stick around long enough, you’re likely to catch some fiction, too.

Psalm 57:7: My heart is fixed, O God; my heart is fixed. I will sing and give praise!


One response to “Hi! I’m Brittani.

  1. Matt

    Hi Britini :) It’s Matt from Total it up! I hope that you are doing well! It was awesome to hang with you last week. I pray that God blesses You, Allan, and Ean abundantly this year and every year after this :) I pray that you both get your leading as to where you will be going and what you will be doing as far as translation and Kosovo, etc. Many blessings to you… :)


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