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Two Big Buckets Full of Happy Dance!


We have had an excellent couple of months at the Larkin household, and today I thought I’d give you a brief recap of all the woot factor going on around here.

First of all – we are in! We are officially moved in to our very first home – no, I don’t mean the first home we’ve shared – I mean our first home. We, like, own this thing! And, guys, it is so beautiful and perfect for us and our family.

So here’s the story, though. This is awesome. A few years ago, my husband and I had finally genuinely dedicated our lives – together and separately – to the Lord for real. And we started to grapple with one of The Big Questions. What are we doing with our lives? Where are we going? Maybe my husband could go to school and become a pastor. Maybe we could work with a charity. Maybe we could go to school together. Maybe we could become missionaries and move to the other end of the globe. What does God have for us?

We thought about moving to Washington, but that never worked out. We considered the mission field – Kosovo, Bolivia, Nepal, etc – we looked into a lot of places. We thought about getting involved with a domestic mission of some sort, or even just a charity. We thought about moving to a bigger city. We even considered moving to Texas at one point.

In fact, it was just in the beginning of January that I went to a conference with Wycliffe Bible Translators and came home revved up to go to linguistic school. To which my husband replied, “Yeah. I want to buy a house.”

Buy a house? If there was one option we never seriously considered an option, it was settling down where we are. This job? This town? This lifestyle? Indefinitely?

Okay, so I won’t lie. Here was my thought: Well, this won’t work out. We’ll waste a few weeks looking at houses and then give up. Nothing will be in our price range, or we won’t get a loan, or we won’t find what we need. Something will prevent this. So no worries. 

Well, we were instantly approved for a loan. And then we got a hold of a mother-daughter agent team, who were extremely helpful. They took us to three houses, and after seeing the third one, I was converted. My husband and I walked out of the front door, looked at each other, and both said, “That’s the one, isn’t it?”

Well, it was apparently going to be really difficult to get in. Our loan wouldn’t allow for the necessary repairs, and we couldn’t afford them. It was a short sale – our realtors assured us that would make everything longer and more difficult. Even if those issues were taken care of, then there was the appraisal to hang everything on – and what if we paid for repairs and then the appraisal required more that we couldn’t do?

After about two weeks of this, I learned to just go with the flow. It will either happen or it won’t, I thought, and spent plenty of time praying. Every few days there was a new obstacle to overcome, and it always seemed to care of itself.

Two months later, we moved everything in!

So apparently, we’ve been shopping in the wrong section of the Life Plan store. Three years of prayer and confusion led nowhere in the mission field or another town or more school or anything else. Two months of next to no effort, and we unlocked our new front door. I certainly don’t understand it … Honestly, I’m ready to be out movin’ and shakin’ for God. But apparently he wants us here. He wants us settled. My thought? It probably has to do with “being faithful in a few things.”

So, yeah. Our God is pretty cool. You wanna know the other cool thing he did? Well, let’s just say it’s a good thing our new house has three bedrooms.

Everyone, this is Bertho. We don’t know the gender yet, hence the unisex name.  (We called our first son Bobtrude until we found out what variety he was.) Bertho will be here sometime late in November and we couldn’t be more excited!

So, yeah. Two big buckets full of happy dance!!



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1001 Reasons, Part Three

43. My mom took E for a few hours so that I could get some peace to write. (It’s funny that every time I’m blogging, I’m grateful for someone taking E for a little while. There’s certainly a logic to that, isn’t there? I promise that I really truly enjoy my baby’s company, though. Which leads me to my next point.)
44. I was holding E trying to get him to sleep a few hours ago, and it wasn’t working, so I gave up and nibbled on his toes instead. I love his laugh!
45. “Knowledge is past; wisdom is future.” I don’t know who said that, unfortunately. (Who’d have expected the word ‘unfortunately’ to pop up in a blog about thankfulness?)
46. The first two pages of Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events #1: The Bad Beginning. (That’s all I’ve read so far, but I have chuckled at least four times already.)
47 and 48. My friend Rachel, whose baby is due a few days after E’s birthday (which is cool in itself!), is getting totally fat!
49. Christmas lights.
50. A 16-oz decaf caramel hazelnut latte. (Yes, okay, I’m one of those high-maintenance girls with a Drink whose name is long enough to be published, if only it were more interesting to read.)
51. Psalm 104.
52. Ireland.
53. High chairs in restaurants.
54. Birthdays.
55. Swimming.
56. Valentine’s Day (especially when it means Kezia giving me a dark chocolate candy bar!)
57. The time Allen woke me up for no reason except to call me “his lovely girl.”
58. Choosing love.
59. Tie-dye.
60. Freckles.
61. My short story, which, despite being extremely uncooperative right now, has a lot of promise.
62. Experimenting.
63. People understanding why it is that I think some months are cool, and some months are not. (Cool: January. November. October. July. Not: April and May. Why? I dunno.)
63. Rain. Not torrential rain, but this sweet, soft, polite rain.

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1001 Reasons, Part One

I commit to this list until Reason Number One Thousand One. Then I reserve the right to either continue or declare boredom and move on to another list.

Here’s Part One.

1. When my son Baby E takes a nap, he folds his hands behind his head like he’s reclining. My little stud.
2. My husband just took Baby E to the store, giving me the opportunity to blog.
3. Or write or read my bible or whatever. I have options!
4. I’m looking forward to a really great shower tonight.
5. I’m breathing.
6. Allen (<– that’s the husband) bought me a kindle last month, and now I can read everything by Arthur Conan Doyle for 99 cents.
7. We are going to get a free La-Z-Boy soon.
8. My brother Ryan and I have been in touch a lot more lately.
9. “What a friend we have in Jesus, all our sins and griefs to bear!”
10. The other day Baby E accidentally threw one of his toys across the room and then looked at me like, “What the heck?!?!”
11. This anonymous quote: “A blank page is God’s way of showing you how hard it is to be God.”
12. Hot dogs. I don’t care what’s in ’em.
13. Our fluffy bean bag chair.

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